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Custom Synthesis

    CoreSyn provides custom synthesis service for: intermediates, monomers&templates of combinatorial chemistry, new analogs for SAR studies, metabolites, metabolic compounds and reagents. Our factory in HangZhou are equipped with the reactors at 50L, 100L, 300L, 1000L and 3000L, which support us to syntheses at a quantity from grams to tons.

    The customer provides literature methods  or their own synthesis route in which all details (reaction times,  solvents, temperatures, analytical data, purification methods, yields,  etc.) are included. The more information provided, the shorter the  timelines and the lower the price. If you have no technical information  about the product that you want, we can give an estimate after we  carefully review it.

    Our chemists' team will evaluate synthesis  and determine whether to pursue the project. If so, we will provide an  estimate of cost and delivery time. Due to the unpredictable nature of  synthetic chemistry, all of our work is carried out on best effort  basis. We cannot guarantee that the product will be provided, but  with our success rate of about 96%, it’s more than likely that we can.  If the product is not obtained, there will of course be no charge.

The infrastructure includes:

  • An R&D staff experienced in both theoretical and synthetic organic chemistry;

  • Flexible project development from lab scale to ton quantities;

  • Substantial R&D and ongoing new product development;

  • Process optimization and/or synthetic design;

  • Broad reaction portfolio with cryogenic capabilities through production scale;

  • Multi-purpose pilot plants operating in close cooperation with Research and Analytical services;

  • In-house analytical services including 400 MHz NMR, LC-MS, LC-GC, RC1 and HPLC/GC;

  • cGMP Kilo-lab and cGMP Pilot Plant;

  • QA/QC;

  • Strong commitment to EH&S.