• Production site
    Excellent factory
    the guarantee of every successful production.
  • R&D Center
    Advanced laboratory
    keeping the innovation running.
  • Pilot Plant
    Professional pilot plant
    focus on the kilo-based production.
  • Analytical Facilities
    Fine Equipment and instruments
    helping us to do our job right.

Your dependable chemical supplier & Your wise choiceCustom Synthesis solution; Continual technological innovation; Reliable product quality.

Custom Synthesis

CoreSyn provides custom synthesis service for: intermediates, monomers&templates of combinatorial chemistry, new analogs for SAR studies, metabolites, metabolic compounds and reagents...

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Process R&D

CoreSyn can assist customers in process development and manufacture of key intermediates and API:Synthetic route scouting;Process development and optimization...

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Analytical and Quality Research

Analytical Services and API Quality Research:Study of Impurities: identification and preparation of unknown impurities;Genotoxic Impurity Evaluation and Analytical Method Development...

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